Bond Value Moments Before First Payment Calculator
Coupon Calculator
To find the Value of a Bond moment before it's first payment just multiply the Bond Value by (1+Yield/100).
Bond Value=t=1NC(1+ri)t+PVn(1+ri)N×(1+Yield%100)Bond\ Value=\sum_{t=1}^{N}{\frac{C}{(1+r_i)^t}+\frac{{\rm PV}_n}{(1+r_i)^N}}\times(1+\frac{Yield\%}{100})

BPi = current price of the Bond
N = number of periods to maturity
C = Coupon Payment
PVN = Par Value of the Bond (also known as Face Value)
ri = Yield to Maturity (also knows as Discount Rate)
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